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The Gadget Show is a British tv series which focuses on consumer technology.

The show, which is broadcast on Channel 5 is currently presented by Jason Bradbury and Amy Williams with Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley.

The Competition  is featured on the show each week giving you the chance to win anything from £20,000 - £40,000 worth of new gadgets


The Gadget Show competition is featured on the program every week.
With the chance to win well over 100 gadgets and tech.
Most of which are featured, tested and reviewed in the show.
With a staggering bundle of prizes that can be worth over an amazing £32,000. 
Most of the prizes in the competition have been compared and tested on previous episodes. 
So you know you can get the best gadget for your needs
and the latest and new technology out on the market.
If you have ever entered the competition and not been one of the lucky few who have won. 
Then why not choose a few items from these top rated lists.
You could even buy the entire bundle of prizes featured on that shows competition. 
If you've got £32,000 to spare!
Here are Unofficial Lists of most of the prizes from the current episodes of the gadget show. 
All the Prizes are available from Amazon as they seem to be the best price and have items out on the market quicker than other retailers.


Every episode of the Gadget Show features a competition with the chance to win a huge collection of gadgets that has been reviewed on the show or previous shows.
This website gives you the opportunity to see all those gadgets, check reviews , YouTube videos , Details and official web pages of each product.
It also links each item to and to the Amazon aStore , giving you the chance to purchase it from Amazon.

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Top 10 Best is a page with Lists of the Top 10 Best Gadgets

Tv Themes is a page Showing Old and New Tv Theme Tunes and Averts ,Including The Gadget Show

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100 Famous Cars of TV , MOVIE are pages Showing all the Cars Made Famous in TV and Film


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