Die Another Day 007


Die Another Day ( Aston Martin V12 Vanquish )   2002


Die Another Day (2002) is the twentieth spy film in the James Bond series, and the fourth and last film to star Pierce Brosnan as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The film follows Bond as he leads a mission to North Korea, during which he is betrayed and, after seemingly killing a rogue North Korean colonel, is captured and imprisoned.

James Bond: You know, you\’re cleverer than you look.
Q: Still, better than looking cleverer than you are.

James Bond: Saved by the bell.

James Bond: Bond, James Bond

M: Knowing who to trust is everything in this business.

James Bond: I see you don\’t chase dreams, you live them.
Graves: One of the virtues of never sleeping.

[Q and Bond enter Q\’s office as Bond looks around at the vast array of devices left over from previous cases]
James Bond: So, this is where they keep the old relics, then, eh?
Q: I\’ll have you know our TOP cutting-edge technology is designed here.
James Bond: [releasing the knife from the briefcase used in the From Russia With Love affair and fingering a blade] Point taken…
Q: Must you touch everything?
James Bond: [seeing his Thunderball jet pack] Hey, does this still work?
[James activates the jet pack, and Q struggles to subdue it]
Q: Now look…
James Bond: [holding up the knife-studded shoe worn by Rosa Klebb years ago] So where is this cutting-edge stuff?
Q: I\’m trying to get to it.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is a high-tech car that uses adaptive camouflage technology, and so is equipped with tiny cameras on both sides so that they reflect what they capture on the other side, making it invisible to the human eye. Other features consist of the following: bonnet-mounted target-seeking shotguns, front-firing torpedoes, traction spikes, a passenger ejector seat, dual machine guns concealed behind the front grille, a retractable sliding roof panel, radial thermal imaging (heat) display, a remote-control function, some sort of laser cutting tool (seen to be accessible via its respective button on the control panel, although never used) and grenades of some sort, presumably rearward ones (also present on the control panel, yet never used).

Die Another Day, produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, and directed by Lee Tamahori, marks the James Bond franchise\’s 40th anniversary. The series began in 1962 with Sean Connery starring as Bond in Dr. No. Die Another Day includes references to each of the preceding films.

For the twentieth James Bond film, Q works in a secret London underground abandoned tube station. Bond walks through various rooms where the \’old relics\’ of gadgets gone by are stored. He picks up a number of old gadgets, including the old attache briefcase and poison tipped spike shoe appearing in From Russia With Love, and the Bell Textron jet pack from Thunderball. Other gadgets from the films are seen around the room.

When the Aston Martin is flipped, its wing mirror housing is smashed off (and a piece of it flicks away), but the car has intact wing mirrors in all the subsequent shots inside the Ice Palace.

When Bond returns to the Ice Palace (after stealing the land speed vehicle) he gets back into to his car. When he approaches the car, just before entering, he hides behind it. However, this would be pointless, as the cameras on his side of the car would project the image of him onto the opposite side, as the car is in \’stealth mode\’. Which means any guards who looked would clearly see 007 squatting in the snow.


Madonna sang the opening theme to Die Another Day and also appeared in the film as a fencing instructor. What was her name ?







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