Fiddley Foodle Bird

Fiddley Foodle Bird Theme ( 1992 )

The Fiddley Foodle Bird was a British children’s animated musical series written by Jonathan Hodge, and narrated by Bruce Forsyth. Thirteen episodes of the series were made in total, with one story continuing through the episodes. They were made in 1991 and broadcast in 1992 on BBC One at 4:15

Fiddley Foodle Bird (3)

It was produced by H.A.P.P.Y. Animation and Fiddley Foodle Bird Productions in association with HIT Entertainment and was broadcast in over 30 different countries worldwide. The show also continued airing on the BBC until 2001.

The main character of the series is a bird, whose full name is the ‘Fiddley Foodle Bim Bam Boodle Oo Diddley-Doodle Oodle Bird’. The character is voiced by Dennis Waterman (actor and singer famous for his roles as Terry McCann in Minder and Detective Sergeant George Carter in The Sweeney). The bird was originally nothing more than just a picture in a book, which was found by a young boy named Algernon. He wished that the bird would come to life, and when the wish came true they set out on an adventure with Algernon’s friends, the eternally hungry Princess Toto, and his housekeeper, the overly strict Mrs. Grumblebaum.