Hardcastle and McCormick

Hardcastle and McCormick        ( Volkswagen Coyote X ) 1971

Hardcastle and McCormick   ( Volkswagen Coyote X ) 1971


Hardcastle and McCormick is an American action/drama television series from Stephen J. Cannell Productions, shown on ABC from 1983 through 1986. The series stars Brian Keith as Judge Milton C. Hardcastle and Daniel Hugh Kelly as ex-con and race car driver Mark ‘Skid’ McCormick.

Originally the concept was to have Hardcastle to hunt down all the criminals he prosecuted but were released due to technicalities. In order to keep the A.C.L.U. off of their backs, the producers decided to compromise and have him go after them for current offenses only.

Judge Hardcastle’s nickname was ‘Hardcase’.

The Season 2 and Season 3 Coyote does not resemble the Manta, as the front is larger than the original, making the car resemble a front-engined car. A Season 1 car that was used in the production of Hardcastle and McCormick is owned by a private owner in southern New Jersey. The stunt car was reconfigured for the Knight Rider 2000 television pilot, then consequently turned into Jay Ohrberg’s show car ‘Taz-Mobile’.In April 2011, the car was sold and shipped to Texas where it will be re-bodied back to its Coyote configuration, retaining as many of the original Coyote pieces as possible. A Season 2 car appeared briefly on the sixth episode of Season 5 of the sitcom Married… with Children.

The car that McCormick drove, the Coyote X, was built from custom molds based on the McLaren M6GT.The original Coyote X was molded, modified and assembled by Mike Fennel. The nose, windshield doors and lower body (minus the ventral intakes) are faithful representations of the McLaren; the cut down rear deck, however, was a custom component that became a feature on many Manta Montage kits with damaged or removed rear windows. The most noticeable differences between the Coyotes and Mantas are the wheel wells, roll pan height and shape, and the fact that the Coyote has a one piece front clip that terminates about an inch before and surrounding the windshield.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Milton C. ‘Hardcase’ Hardcastle, an eccentric judge notorious for being strict with the law in both his duties and towards defendants, is retiring. With file drawers filled with 200 criminals who escaped conviction due to legal technicalities, the judge, inspired by his childhood hero the Lone Ranger, desires to make the criminals answer for their crimes anyway. Mark McCormick is a smart-mouthed, streetwise car thief. He faces a long incarceration for his latest theft, a prototype sports car called the Coyote X, designed by his murdered best friend. Together the judge and the car thief strike a deal: Hardcastle helps McCormick catch the murderer; McCormick agrees to be released and work as the judge’s agent. In addition, McCormick is allowed to keep the Coyote, which proves to be an excellent pursuit vehicle for their needs.


The second Coyote car made for the series was built from what other famous car ?