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Minder  ( Mark II Ford Capri )  1974


Minder is a British comedy-drama about the London criminal underworld. Initially produced by Verity Lambert, it was made by Euston Films, a subsidiary of Thames Television (Central in 1993 and 1994) and shown on ITV. The show ran for ten series between 29 October 1979 and 10 March 1994,






George ColeGeorge Cole
 Arthur / … (109 episodes, 1979-1994)
Glynn EdwardsGlynn Edwards
 Dave / … (95 episodes, 1979-1994)
Dennis WatermanDennis Waterman
 Terry / … (73 episodes, 1979-1989)
Gary WebsterGary Webster
 Ray (36 episodes, 1991-1994)
Patrick MalahidePatrick Malahide
 Chisholm / … (24 episodes, 1979-1988)

Sung by Dennis Waterman (as Waterman)
Title song (1979-1988)

If you want to, I’ll change the-e situation
Right people, right time, just the wrong location
I’ve got a good idea, just you keep me near
I’d be so goo-ood for you

I could be so good for you, I’m gonna help ya
Love ya like you want me to
I’d do anything for you-ou-ou
Id be so goo-ood for you
I could be so good for you
I’ll do it like you want me to
Love you like you want me to
There ain’t nothin’ I can’t go throu-ou-ou-ough
I’d be so goo-ood for you

In February 1974, the Capri II was introduced. After 1.2 million cars sold, and with the 1973 oil crisis, Ford chose to make the new car more suited to everyday driving with a shorter bonnet, larger cabin and the adoption of a hatchback rear door. By the standards of the day, the Capri II was a very well evolved vehicle with very few reliability issues. For Germany the Capri now offered 1.3-litre (55 PS (40 kW)), 1.6-litre (72 PS (53 kW)), 1.6-litre GT (88 PS (65 kW)), or 2.0-litre (99 PS (73 kW)) in-line four-cylinder engines, complemented by a 2.3-litre (108 PS (79 kW)) and the UK sourced 3.0-litre V6.

It starred Dennis Waterman as Terry McCann, an honest and likable bodyguard (minder in London slang) and George Cole as Arthur Daley, a socially ambitious, but highly unscrupulous importer-exporter, wholesaler, used-car salesman, and anything else from which there was money to be made whether inside the law or not. The show was principally set in inner West London (Shepherd’s Bush/Ladbroke Grove), and was largely responsible for putting the word minder, meaning personal bodyguard, into the UK and Australian popular lexicon. The characters often drank at the local members-only Winchester Club, where owner and barman Dave (Glynn Edwards) acted, often unwillingly, as a message machine for Arthur

First episode date: 29 October 1979
Final episode date: 11 March 2009
Original network: ITV; (1979–1980, 1982–1985, 1988–1989, 1991, 1993–1994); Channel 5 (2009)

Famous for its use of “Mockney”, which sounded like Cockney slang but was made up by either George Cole or the scriptwriters. Some expressions became so well known they have since passed into the language, including “A nice little earner” (a profitable task), “‘er indoors” (the wife), “give him a little slap” (beat him up)

Arthur Daley: nice little earner.

Arthur Daley: don’t tell er indoors.

The series was originally conceived as a vehicle for Dennis Waterman, after The Sweeney (1975) – in which Waterman co-starred – had finished the previous year. Initially, George Cole’s character, Arthur Daley, was more of a secondary character, finding situations for Terry (Waterman) to get involved in each episode. But the great chemistry between the two characters quickly made itself apparent, and as a result Arthur was brought to the fore of storylines much more.


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