Ruby Wax Show ( The Full Wax )

Ruby Wax Show The Full Wax Theme ( 1992 )

Wax came to the UK and studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She started her acting career as a straight actress at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, where she began a long-standing writing and directing partnership with Alan Rickman, who later was to direct most of her stage comedy shows. In 1978, she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, working alongside Juliet Stevenson.

ruby wax

Many of her early television shows involved her being put into a situation where she simply met and interviewed people, mostly extraordinary members of the general public (including a memorable visit to Boris Yeltsin prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union). In 1987, Wax was given her own comedy chat show Don’t Miss Wax, on Channel 4. She was also hired as a radio presenter by the Superstation, an overnight sustaining service for commercial radio in the UK