Tony Robinson’s Stay Tooned

Tony Robinson's Stay Tooned Theme ( 1992 )

Stay Tooned is a series presented by Tony Robinson, in which he discusses in more details and explains in some depth about cartoon characters, the people behind the cartoons, studios, and also looks over the history as well.

Robinson provided necessary information for those watching, putting the cartoons in historical context. There were a couple of occasions where he had to explain that a certain animation was from an age were social values were different

There are probably very few people in possession of copies of this show, and with copyright being what it is, we’ll never see it again, and this is a damn shame. Sure, you can buy sets of cartoons on DVD, but they only come from individual studios

13. The Bill


The Bill Theme

14. Stay Tooned


Tony Robinson’s Stay Tooned Theme

15. Us Girls


Us Girls Theme