FAMOUS CARS QUIZ  – 150 Quiz Questions based around The Movies ,TV and Trivia


Quiz Questions Related to All the Car Movies,Tv Programs Featured in the Main CARS 150 Pages

David Croft and Jimmy Perry wrote Dads Army and loads of other successful sitcoms. Which of one of these 4 did they NOT write ?

In Peter Kay’s Car Share, What character does Kayleigh dress up as , from the Harry Potter Movies ?

Which actor is to star as Pop Larkin in the 2021 remake of , The Darling Buds of May ?

Patrick Malahide played D,S Chisholm in Minder. Which one of these James Bond films did he play the villain ?

What is so special about the flute playing , in the Theme tune of Inspector Morse ?

Tom Selleck stars in 3 Men and a Baby. What strange thing is noticed about the Movie.

The Lyrics to The Fall Guy include the line “I’ve been seen with Farrah” What is this a reference to ?

“ The Miami Vice “ was named after the Tv Show. What is it ?

The Title for the Franchise + Video Game “I feel the need. The need… for speed!” Is a famous line from which movie ?

How many Eleanor Car replicas were made for use in the movie ,Gone in 60 Seconds ?

What make of gun is the villain Lola doubling up with in the movie, The Transporter 2 ?

Tom Cruise plays Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder. What problem did he have when filming the movie ?

Prop sold in auction that are actually used by the stars are called Hero Items. What was the most expensive Hero prop sold in auction from an Iron Man Movie collection

While filming for Jurassic Park on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi. a Hurricane passed directly over. What was the Name of that Hurricane ?

Loads of famous stars appeared in The Cannonball Run Films. Which popular James Bond Vivian made it onto the cast list of The Cannonball Run 2 ?

Burt Renalds drove the ambulance in the move The Cannonball run. Which of these statements about the ambulance is false ?

What is the name given to dr evils robots in the Austin Powers Movies ?

Who is in this mosaic picture, from the Austin Powers Movies

The word Ronin is the Japanese word for what ?

In 2020 1 of the 2 V8 Ford Mustang GT Flashbacks featured in the Bullitt movie , was purchased for a record amount of money. How much did it sell for in auction ?

In the movie Duel. David thinks he spots a police car, but it turns out to be Pest Control. What’s the name of the company on the car ?

The car used in the Movie Thelma and Louise is a 1966 Thunderbird Convertible. How many cars were used in the making of the Film ?

The car in the Movie “Christine” is a 1958 Plymouth Fury. What is it’s Number Plate ?

One of the most famous parts of the movie Grease, is the end carnival scene. What caused a big problem during the filming of the end ?

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