FAMOUS CARS QUIZ  – 150 Quiz Questions based around The Movies ,TV and Trivia


Quiz Questions Related to All the Car Movies,Tv Programs Featured in the Main CARS 150 Pages

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. What is the name of this character?

In the Movie Herbie Fully Loaded, there is a Cameo from another famous move car. What was the movie it was from ?

Derek Meddings did the visual effects for The Thunderbirds tv show. What was used to make some of the aircraft sound effects?

During the circus scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Who plays the wife of the man who gets his hair cut (badly) by Pots invention. ?

Matthew Broderick played Inspector Gadget in the first movie. What other movie did he play in ,the picture below ?

Christina Ricci plays Trixie in the Movie Speed Racer. Out of these 4 other movies which one did she NOT work in ?

In Who Framed Rodger Rabbit. Who performed the voice for Jessica Rabbit ?

What Tv station was Brum originally broadcast on for children tv ?

In the Pink Panther Tv show from 1964 – 1980 almost all the episodes had one thing in common. What was it ?

All LEGO parts have a small number on the back of them, so they can be identified. What part is “300121” ?

Who is this character from the movie Toy Story ?

In the Movie Cars , What is Lightning Mcqueen’s actual Name ?

What’s this character’s James Bond style name in Cars 2 ?

In The Flintstones Tv Show , What is the name of The Flintstones Paperboy ?

How many vehicles can Pat have the use of ,Including those shown in Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service ?

The name Scoobt-Do was invented from a well known song. What was that song ?

There are 10 vehicles in the Wacky Races. What is the name of this one ?

In the movie Despicable Me 3 , Margo had an image on her shirt. Who was on it ?

In 007 Goldfinger , There is a movie mistake when Oddjob drives away from the golf course. What is it ?

Scaramange in The Man with the Golden Gun, used golden items put together to make his Golden Gun. Out of these 4 which one is NOT used to build it ?

During the fight scene on the train in The Spy whoLoved Me. How did bond stop Jaws from biting him before he pushed him out the train window ?

Why was the production of A View to a Kill set back during the filming of Ridley Scott’s “Legend” ?

At the end of the title sequence in The Living Daylights , how is Bond introduced to this Lady ?

In reality ,Timothy Dalton was to star in a third James Bond movie. What was the title going to be ?

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