FAMOUS CARS QUIZ  – 150 Quiz Questions based around The Movies ,TV and Trivia


Quiz Questions Related to All the Car Movies,Tv Programs Featured in the Main CARS 150 Pages

In Tomorrow Never Dies , What make of mobile phone dose Bond uses to remotely drive the BMW around the multi story car park ?

Who is Bond about to kiss here, in a scene from The World is not Enough ?

The scene where Halle Berry emerges from the ocean in a bikini , Is paid homage to another Bond girl. Who is it ?

Name the Actress who played Miss Moneypenny first ?

Monica Bellucci was cast as Lucia Sciarra in Spectre. What was special about Bellucci ?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the Villain in the 007 movies. But never showed his face , just him stroking a white Persian cat. Which bond movie did we actually see his face for the first time ?

In the 2017 Baywatch Movie there was a lot of women considered for the part of CJ Parker. Who was finally cast in the famous Pamela Anderson’s role ?

Daniel Hugh Kelly played Mark McCormick in the 1983 Tv series Hardcastle and McCormick. What was his nickname in the show ?

The movie Mad Max made it into the Guinness World records, but for what reason ?

Saoirse Roman plays Melanie Stryder in the 2013 movie The Host. What dose Melanie Last name “Stryder “ mean in Dutch ?

Jim Carrey played Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber 1 and 2. What is his other passion other than acting ?

Pretty Woman is considered one of the most successful movies in its genre. Which of these is FALSE about the famous  main film cover picture ?

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