S27 E7 : Featured Gadgets

S27 E7: ( Episode 7) 27/04/18

Lists of Gadgets Featured on The Gadget Show

Nest and Hive have both recently released brand new indoor security cameras. Jon Bentley tests them out by putting together his very own jewellery heist – with the help of a former burglar, a closed jewellery shop, a bag full of doughnuts and a stakeout vehicle from where he will monitor the performance of each camera via its smartphone app. The G Team assists golf tutor Amanda, who needs tech to help herself play better and track the progress of her clients. Plus, Jon and Georgie Barrat find out if the latest advances in sewing tech are enough to let people to make their own clothes from scratch


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Some Gadgets may differ slightly from the items featured on The Gadget Show (Channel 5)