S32 E10 : Featured Gadgets

S32 E10: ( Episode 10 ) 27/11/20

Lists of Gadgets Featured on The Gadget Show

Jon Bentley visits a theme park to find out which instant camera is the best value for money now the format has recently seen a resurgence. Georgie Barrat goes behind the scenes to find out how consumer tech and VR headsets are being used to bring the real world to life. The G Team answers the calls of a couple who want tech to bring them closer together, while there’s another money saving tech tip from Harry Wallop. Presented by Craig Charles.

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S32 E10

The Best Gadgets Chosen as the all round winner.

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Episode 10 (27/11/20) 

Onto Episode 10 of Series 32 of The Gadget Show “ The Home of Great Tech “ . And with only 2 more episodes to go before xmas the team kick of with the usual G TEAM assessment. Helping out a couple so they can keep in touch with there loved ones JON, hits it off with a fun app called SpeedQuizzing, Georgy has a CuteCircuit Hug Shirt . But ORTIS, comes up with there Winner with VRChat. Then it’s THE JON TEST; And with the instant camera being around for over 71 years it time to give them a test. So at Alton Towers ( and not even a roller coaster to be seen ) they test out 3 cameras , The Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera, The Polaroid OneStep+, And The Fujifilm instax mini 11. All with varying prices and some with a costly price per picture ,The Fujifilm instax mini 11 came out the chosen Winner. Next up a newly added segment called MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK; Where the gang are all given a separate budget to spend on tech. Jon has the cool Amazon Blink Mini. Georgy; The FitBit Versa 2 that was featured in a previous Unboxing, and Ortis; With The Raspberry-pie 400 that Craig make the Winner. Then it’s time for some UNBOXING: Ortis presents The DropLabs EP 01 Connectable Trainers. Not going down well in the studio but Craig eventually warms to the idea. Next it’s that time to guess the Year in THE TECH YEARS: With Jon at the helm this was the year where JFK became presendent, The M1 motorway opened up. The Kinks had a massive hit record. Also the Slush Puppie was invented along with Bubble Wrap. Also a scientific breakthrough came with the invention of The laser. And the Corby Trouser Press was on the wall of every hotel in this year. All the gang guessed close but no one got the year that was 1960. Next is the COMPETITION: with the chance to again enter and a chance to not only win a massive Tech Bundle but also 5 runner up Tech bundles added. Then it’s ones again the turn of Mr HARRY WALLOP:Still not in the studio but on a video call he sets out to save you money on tech with a site called gener8ads.com where by watching adds related to your taste you can then receive tokens online to pay for tech. Finally on another trip out George visits an amazing company who create VR for TV presentations called extended reality  , XR works where there standing on and in front of a screen that adds vertical images and even people so the presenters can interact with them. Then as the show wraps it’s the chance again to enter the COMPETITION 3 ,  Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Some Gadgets may differ slightly from the items featured on The Gadget Show (Channel 5)