S32 E3 : Featured Gadgets

S32 E3: ( Episode 3) 09/10/20

Lists of Gadgets Featured on The Gadget Show

Jon Bentley enlists the help of comedian Jo Enright to get to grips with three printers that promise to take the hassle out of putting ink onto paper. Georgie Barrat gets her hands on FitBit’s brand new wearable, the Sense, which not only tracks how fit a person is, but can also monitor stress and even predict illness. While Ortis Deley delves deep into the tech archives, Harry Wallop reveals a techy way for freelancers to save time and money. Presented by Craig Charles.

S32 E3.

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S32 E3

The Best Gadgets Chosen as the all round winner.

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Episode 3 (09/10/20) 

To start off the 3rd episode with the familiar  G-TEAM: assignment helping out a pub landlord Mat at The Old Crown Pub in Birmingham. starting off with Ortis and a AtGames Legends Ulimate Arcade then Georgy with her seatd app that he voted the Winner and Jon with a Smart Spirits Dispenser . Next is THE JON TEST: looking at 3 printers with comedian Jo Enright . with all 3 having there good and bad points inc; Cannon Pixma MG3650S , Epsom EcoTank , and the Brother HL . This is then followed by an empty seat by Craig in THE NEWS where Ortis talked about a robot controlled anywhere in the world by VR , Georgy likes the E-Unicycle V-11E and Jon loves the look of a Cross water Horizontal Elevator. Then theres a bout of a favorate segment of UNBOXING where Georgy reveled the amazing Fitbit Sense that takes loads of measurements from your body and helps you in this timer of Covid . Then Ortis leves us guessing the year in THE TECH YEARS with the first Matchbox CarRock Around the Clock was in the charts and the Microwave was available Sharp Microwave . The Wireless Radio became a household bit of tech ( if you could afford it ) and ITV First Broadcast came on air. All in the year 1955 . Then its COMPETITION TIME and the chance to win over £30,000 worth of top tech . Harry Wallop with the help of a returning Craig looks into how to save money with online digital banking app Starling.  Finally Georgy impressed everyone with her driving skills on a new Formula-E Go-Cart.  Then another chance to enter the COMPETITION Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)


Some Gadgets may differ slightly from the items featured on The Gadget Show (Channel 5)