S32 E4 : Featured Gadgets

S32 E4: ( Episode 4 ) 16/10/20

Lists of Gadgets Featured on The Gadget Show

Craig Charles is challenged to fit another bit of cutting-edge smart home tech to his humble abode – this time voice-operated blinds. Jordan Erica Webber lands herself the ultimate flight simulator rig to give Microsoft’s latest edition of their flying game series a thorough shakedown. Jon Bentley jumps into the world of online video, testing out of the latest vlogging tech with YouTube star TechFlow. Plus, it’s Georgie Barrat’s turn to travel back to a tech year in time.

S32 E4

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S32 E4

The Best Gadgets Chosen as the all round winner.

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Episode 4 (16/10/20) 

To start off the 4th episode without Craig as he’s self isolating with the familiar  G-TEAM: assignment with chef Alex Claridge’s at the Wilderness  with the Stirr ,JML Halowave and the Winner the Veritable Connect. Next is THE JON TEST where he gets into the latest vlogging tech with YouTube star TechFlow testing out at an air musium (Not Cars) using Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1 , Sony Shooting Grip , Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig . Lume Cube Pannel Mini , Shure MV88+ , Magisto app didn’t work as well as expected then editing on Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO . . After that its back to the studio for with Ortis presenting  FUND OR FAIL ,with The Disco Dog Vest that had an amazing FUND , Then Model 1 Food Heater that had no backing at all and then the Lap Keep Laptop belt that was also a FUND .  Then is back to Craig with his segment HOW HARD CAN IT BE filmed earlier using the Brunt Blind Engine VER.2 voice operated blind. Next its time to guess the year in THE TECH YEARS with Georgy finding this year had the first Sesame Street , ITV , BBC in broudcast in Colour , The MOON Landing , Concorde Maiden Flight to Fairford , The 6th 007 movie hit the cinema with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, DHL delivery started and Seiko introduced the Seiko Watch (Astron) that Georgy wanted to take with her. All this in the year guessed by Jon as 1969 . Next is the last chance to enter COMP 1 in THE COMPETITION , where Craig calls another unexpected winner. Its then time for Jordan Erica Webber who lands herself the ultimate flight simulator rig to give Microsoft’s latest edition of their flying game Microsoft Flight Simulator series a thorough shakedown using the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition joystick, with the ability to fly anywhere in the world .  Finally at the end part of the show Jon visits the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin introducing some more cool gadgets inc the Forna Video Glasses , Gentle Monster Glasses , Little Ones Smart Bottle , Smart peepee Nappies , The Feelbelt that vibrates as the user reacts in the game. The Cat Wheel, and The Bissle Spinwave Robot Vacuum and Mop and finally the Fresh Sea Air Maremed . Then another chance to enter the COMPETITION 1 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Some Gadgets may differ slightly from the items featured on The Gadget Show (Channel 5)