S32 E5 : Featured Gadgets

S32 E5: ( Episode 5) 23/10/20

Lists of Gadgets Featured on The Gadget Show

Ortis Deley spends the day shooting an epic movie trailer with some of the best camera kit around, Georgie Barrat and the G Team help a drag artist revamp their look using tech, while Jon Bentley hops into bed with The Sleep Geek to try out the top techy mattresses. Plus, Harry Wallop explains how to avoid falling into the trap of paying for services after the free trial period has ended. Presented by Craig Charles.

s32 e5

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S32 E5

The Best Gadgets Chosen as the all round winner.

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Episode 5 (23/10/20) 

To start off the 5th episode again without Craig as he’s self isolating with the G-TEAM: assignment  to help out Mat , a drag Queen with tech to improve his looks with YouCam Makeup , Tefal IEXEO Power QT 2020 and his winner the MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit Next onto THE JON TEST: where he looks into the quality of 3 mattresses , inc Eve Sleep Thec Lighter Hybrid Mattress , Emma Original Mattress and his Winner the Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress .Followed on my THE NEWS without Craig  where Ortis looks at some Ecto 1 VR Boots , Georgy finds the Scorpian IWSK Gaming Chair and Jon looks at the Rolloe Clean Air Wheele .Next is another Bout ( as Craig would say ) of Unboxing the Hachi Infinite M1. Next the team once again have to guess the Year in THE TECH YEARS inc , Skyfall , Felix Baumgartner ,  Smart Watch , Apple iPad 3 , Microsoft Surface , Google Glass , The Relece of The Sony PS Vita and Raspberry Pi . With all getting the correct year of 2012 . Then its The Famous COMPETITION with the chance to enter into COMP 2 to  WIN SOME  AWESOME TECH WITH OUR MAMMOTH GADGET BUNDLE .Next HARRY WALLOP: helps to save money with an app called ( Do Not Pay ) that automatically cancels your free trials online like Neflix , Amazon Prime , Britbox and Disney+. Finally Ortis sets out to make an action movie with help from a team who create movie clips with camera tech. Then another chance to enter the NEW ,COMPETITION 2 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Some Gadgets may differ slightly from the items featured on The Gadget Show (Channel 5)