Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch       ( Ford Gran Torino )    1976


Starsky & Hutch is a 1970s American cop thriller television series, which consisted of a 70-minute pilot movie (originally aired as a Movie of the Week entry) and 92 episodes of 50 minutes each. The show was created by William Blinn, produced by Spelling-Goldberg Productions, and broadcast between April 30, 1975, and May 15, 1979,

Starsky and Hutch


Starsky and Hutch


That’s for putting hands on Huggy Bear. *Nobody* touches the Bear, you dig?


David Soul David Soul
 Det. Ken ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (92 episodes, 1975-1979)
Paul Michael Glaser Paul Michael Glaser
 Det. Dave Starsky (92 episodes, 1975-1979)
Antonio Fargas Antonio Fargas
 Huggy Bear (92 episodes, 1975-1979)
  Bernie Hamilton
 Capt. Harold Dobey (91 episodes, 1975-1979)

David Starsky: I like your Lincoln.
Huggy Bear: It’s a ’76. Won’t be out ’til next year. But I know some people that know some people that robbed some people.

The Ford Gran Torino was an intermediate automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company for the North American market between 1968 and 1976. The car was named after the city of Turin (Torino, in Italian), considered the italian Detroit. The Torino was initially an upscale version of the intermediate sized Ford Fairlane, which Ford produced between 1962 and 1970. After 1968, the Fairlane name was retained for the base models with lower levels of trim than those models which wore the Torino name.During this time, the Torino was considered a subseries to the Fairlane.

By 1970 Torino had become the primary name for Ford’s intermediate, and the Fairlane was now a subseries of the Torino. In 1971 the Fairlane name was dropped altogether and all Ford intermediates were called Torino. This name was one of several originally proposed for the Mustang while in development. The Torino was essentially a twin to the Mercury Montego line.

In Episode 20 Season 3 FOXY LADY After the shooting at the start of the story, when Starsky and Hutch take Lisa back to Police Headquarters, Hutch is wearing his light tan brown jacket. But when he goes over to the water-cooler to get a drink, Captain Dobey comes over and talks to him, and as Hutch looks up, his jacket has suddenly, magically changed into his much darker brown, high collared one!

[Starsky is driving a car with a bomb in the trunk]

 ‘Hutch’  [yells] Get him the hell out o’ here!

 [checks watch] Come on, for *once* be fast…!

When  episode 18 season was originally broadcast, the final scene was a ‘cliffhanger’ type ending with Starsky & Hutch in the Torino being chased by the bad-guys. A gunshot shatters the back-glass of the Torino, and the scene freeze-frames on our heroes as they are startled by the breaking glass. A voice-over tells us to tune in for the exciting next episode!
At the beginning of the next episode, there is no mention of any of this happening, They never explain what happened!

First episode date: 30 April 1975
Final episode date: 15 May 1979
Original network: ABC
Theme songs: Gotcha (Theme From “Starsky & Hutch”)



What are the full names of the characters,Starsky & Hutch?


1. Roger Starsky & Barry Hutchinson-Moore

2. Phil Starskyowska & Mike Hutchinson

3. Michael Starskovski & Marvin Hutchinson

4. Dave Starsky & Ken Hutch Hutchinson

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