The Time the Place

The Time the Place Theme ( 1992 )

The Time, The Place was a British audience participation talk show that was produced by a number of different ITV companies,and broadcast live on ITV from 1987-1998.

The Time The Place was presented by Mike Scott from 1987–1993 and by John Stapleton from 1991-1998. Henry Kelly also presented the programme for a period before Stapleton took over full time.
The program was developed as ITV’s competition to the BBC’s Kilroy morning discussion show which premiered in 1986. It differed from Kilroy in that Kilroy delved into more political and current event related issues, while The Time The Place focused on human interest topics.

The programme toured the country and came from the various ITV regional studios, including Aberdeen after the Piper Alpha. Towards the end of its run, the programme came from London at least three days a week to save money. It was axed on 20 March 1998, to make way for the less topical, more issue-led programme Vanessa, which mainly dealt with personal matters.

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