Turnabout Theme ( 1992 )

Turnabout was a BBC Television daytime quiz programme that aired on BBC One from 26 March 1990 until 1996. The programme was hosted by Rob Curling.


The sphere game had 16 balls with different colours on them, this was against a time limit of 3:00 minutes. The 3 contestants had to give correct answers using 3 letters, for instance: RAP – A light carriage. Answer – TRAP. If they got it wrong, 5 points would be deducted and another contestant can buzz in (they did not lose 5 points for an incorrect answer in the first series). If they got it right, they could choose a sphere to turn their colour. If they got 3 linking spheres, they got 5 points, but if they got 4 in a row, they get 10 points. The next round was the same, but the 3 letters were ‘Turnabouted’ to the backwards letters (e.g. – TRU – URT or ALL – LLA).

In the first series the game was played on a ‘winner stays on’ basis as at the end of the sphere game the contestant with the highest score would go on to play the Star Game to add to his or her score then play another sphere game against 2 new contestants.

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