Whats On Each Show ( Series 29 )


SERIES 29 (from - MARCH 2019 - JUNE 2019)



Episode 1

First in the New Summer season with a Future Gadgets Special from Las Vegas, Fold-able Phones ,11K Tvs ,Jon Test out 3 Tvs from Panasonic , LG and Sony ,  Best Price for Samsung S10+ Mobile segment from Harry Wallop  , Future Games for 2019

Episode 2

Jon Bentley tests out Amazon Echo Show against Google Home Hub , The G Team help out a canal boat owner , European junior rally champion Chris Ingram tests out Rally 2.0 , Georgie Barrat visits a toy fair.

Episode 3

Jon Bentley tests the latest fully wireless headphones with a parkour specialist . Ortis Deley tests out the motocross game Trials Rising and The old Nokia 5110 is added to T,A,N,W.O.F . Harry Wallop talks about Ways to Make Cheep International Calls.

Episode 4

Jon Bentley , Ortis Deley and Georgie Barrat ( The G Team ) test out electronic artistry aids to help a tattoo artist . Jon Bentley tests out 3 different Microphones and Jordan Erica Webber takes a visit to a 72 hour gaming competition. And a Speak Spell is featured in T,A,N,W.O.F . Harry Wallop looks into Ways to Make Money on Competitions To Upload your Photos

Episode 5

Jon , Ortis and Georgie ( the G Team ) test out tech for running the London marathon .Jordon Erica Webber reports from a gaming awards ceremony . (The Jon Test) Looks at the Apple iPad Pro against a laptop . Ortis un-boxes  a Smacicle Electric Folding Bike that Craig gives a wobbly test,  And a jVC RC550 Boombox is featured in T,A,N,W.O.F .In the End of show segment Georgie Barrat visits Liverpool and creates a Smart training Shoe with help in a secret laboratory. Harry Wallop looks into ways to Make Money Selling Your Old Tech and Clutter. + The Gadget Show Competition.

Episode 6

The Gadget Show Outdoor Special Returns with the Studio Desk and Sofa moved Outside.  The G-Team help comedian Shappi Khorsandi with Hiking Tech . The Jon Test ( actually with Georgie ) Tests out Action Cameras with the Apeman A77 the best of the 3 , Then Georgie and naturalist Mike Dilger test out nature tech , then all finished off with a race against teams with the best outdoor tech with help from Iwan Thomas . and The Gadget Show Competition.

Episode 7

Craig Charles asks the G Team to get him looking Trim with the Neurovalens Modius coming up tops . Jon Bentley cuts the grass at a football club with Auto Mowers . Finals of the Premier League’s recent Fifa 19 tournament . A Casio Data Bank Watch makes it onto the all new wall of fame. Ortis Deley and Georgie Barrat test out a vr experience in California. Harry Wallop looks into the future price of tech with a prediction tool . And The Gadget Show Competition 3 is Up for Grabs.

Episode 8

The G Team Test out 3 different creative gadgets with the Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theatre taking the winning spot. Jon Bentley photographs some high-end cars with the latest mirrorless cameras. his favorite being the Nikon Z7 . A Futuristic morning coffee machine called  The Barisieur is put to the test when Georgie has to Unbox it . Craig likes the taste but not the look . Napster is suggested for T,A,N,W,O,F but not added due to the mass effect it had on the music industry, Harry Wallop looks into getting your photos printed that gather up on your phone and then , The famous Gadget Show Competition is shown then followed by Ortis Deley challenging a drone to keep up with a Porsche.

Episode 9

England rugby star James Haskell gets the G Team to help to cook a three-course for his wife. With the Tefal Cake Factory the top . Jon Bentley tests 3 smartphones from China with the Xiaomi Mi 9 his favorite one. Jordan Erica Webber looks at one of the most anticipated video games this year called The Occupation . Jon Adds The Grand Theft Auto Games onto T,A,N,W,O,F followed by the Famous Gadget Show Competition, Walop of the Week Helps you Save Money on your Energy Bills.   Finally Ortis Visits The Famous Eling Studios.

Episode 10 ( 30 min episode )

Jon Bentley starts this 30 min shorted show with The Jon Test of three of the most popular cordless vacuum cleaners with help from the RSPCA With The G-Tech AirRam Mark 2 there favorite although possibly not enough space for the collected dust. The GJS GEIO FPS Robot gets a cool unboxing with Craig and Ortis having a robot battle.  Next up is the Amazing Gadget Show Competition 4 with a chance to also win 5 runner up tech bundles . Plus, Inbetweeners star and gaming fanatic James Buckley to take a look at three retro games consoles with the game Mega Drive Classics his far out favorite.

Episode 11 Versus Special 

In a Versus special edition of the show, They all try to use technology beat professionals Craig , Ortis Deley, Jon Bentley and Georgie Barrat try to find out whether  can help them  at their own games. Craig takes on a champion pool player, using a Laser-Sighted Cue and a Billiards Glove . Georgie sees if she can out-perform a group of builders using a Bricky device that helps to Build walls , and a Measure King Digital Tape Measure . Jon is tasked with creating a floral display for a high-end hotel, using some Bosch EastPrune Secateurs  and a gadget that makes smells  called a Moodo  Ortis tries to win a place on the famed blue-badge tour guide training program with some cool tech including some Xiaomi M365 Pro scooters , A Funshell Backpack  with built in umbrella . And a Canon Zoemini S camera/printer . Including the famous Gadget show Competition.

Episode 12

The G-Team Test out Gadgets for the office with the Strikeworth 7ft Multi Games Table the outright Winner. Jon Bentley learns how to become a top beatboxer while testing out the latest portable Bluetooth speakers with the Sony SRS-XB41 there favorite. Craig Charles examines the latest innovation from legendary guitar-maker Fender, and Jordan Erica Webber reviews the hottest hardware. The Amazing Gadget Show Competition is then followed by T,A,N,W,O,F with the LCD Samsung Flat screen tv not making it on.

Episode 13 Summer Special ( last in the series)

Last in the Series Summer Special .Craig Charles, Jon Bentley, Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley head to South Uist in the Outer Hebrides, where they check out the latest in land yachts, test long-range photography tech, employ underwater drones while whale watching and use a translation app.