Whats On Each Show ( Series 31 )


Episode 1 (12/06/20) 

New series. Starting off with the new series 31 a bit later than expected. With no sofa and staying to strict Social distancing restrictions , The G Team start it off testing Gym Tech. Georgie Barrat test a FiiT app. Jon Slendertone Connect Abs Belt With Ortis taking thecWinner spot with The JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect Jon Bentley takes Google’s latest laptop – the Pixelbook Go – on a day’s work experience at one of the world’s foremost news websites, the Mail Online. Next is the News with updates on there Youtube site during lock down.with Jon testing The Philips MULTIGROOM Series 7000  Next in the first part Georgie Barrat hunts down the must-haves for 2020 at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas.The Consumer Electronics Show has The Bisu boddy coach , Ovis suitecase that moves itself , Pocket talk interpreter , Airt Pix flying camera and The Drinksworks drinks maker. Plus,A new segment called How Hard Can It Be where Craig Charles attempts to turn a house into a smart home using off-the-shelf DIY kits, Using The eero Mesh Wi-Fi System as his first attempt.Next up is Erica Jordan Webber looks at some new games inc Assassins Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077. Then its BACK!! The Gadget Show Competition . Finally the last part of Georgie Barrats visit to CES with gadgets inc Samsung Smat tvs , Sony 8k tvs , Lg 8k movable tvs , Foldable Lenovo pc , Razor foldable mobile , Action camera 1 360 camaera , Avtr E-car , An electric car from Sony , Rivian electric car with Alaxa , Fitness with amazon fit home studio , Basic smart trainers .And a colgate smart toothbrush.

Episode 2 (19/06/20) 

First off  The G-Team Help out with OrCam MyEye 2 , SignVideo , The Lexilight Lamp with all 3 being winners in Craig’s eyes.  Jon Bentley gives Gogglebox star Sandra Martin three affordable 65-inch televisions to check out, With The LG 65UM7400PLB his winner of the 3 . Then The News with a robot waiter, sunnyside and the folding infaitable poimo ,Ortis then takes on Craig with an Unboxing of Skullcandy Push Ultra True Wireless Earbuds Then its Time for the Gadget Show Competition . Next up The team also revisits 1985,and a new segment called THE TECH YEARS inc a Teddy Ruxpin . Finally Ortis Deley spends the day with his three-year-old daughter at London’s annual Toy Fair where they explore the hottest techy playthings on offer for 2020. inc Tonies Tonieboxes , LEGO Hidden Side , and Xootz Typhoon Power Drifter, Finally , Harry Wallop has his latest tips on how to save money using tech withplum.com

Episode 3 (26/06/20) 

First off  The G-Team Help out with NHS Staff to keep them calm after a long shift, Inc Casper Glow Light , Withings Sleep Analyzer and the winner of Georgie The Calm app . Next Jon Bentley road-tests one the hottest smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S20, and reveals whether it’s worth its premium price tag. Then onto a newer item called FUND OR FAIL: where each of them have to decide if a gadget was granted a fund to continue with the licki brush an odd favorite. Then onto another new segment this series called THE TECH YEARS: where Ortis reviews 1995 with blur v oasis, Ebay, amazon.com, match.com, Playststion Original, Apple Pippin ,Windows 95 ,Internet Explorer ,Appollo 13 and a Sat Nav . Craig Charles attempt to turn a house into a smart home using so-called `easy fit’ DIY kits with The Ring Video Doorbell 2 causing some DIY challenges for him . Next The Famous Gadget Show Competition followed by Erica Jordon Webber Gaming segment on Indie Games. Finally , Georgie Barrat gets a behind-the-scenes tour of Las Vegas, finding out how Sin City is reinventing itself in to one of the most technologically advanced places in the world.

Episode 4 (03/07/20) 

Starting off with the G Team turning its attention to the feline world, heading to a cat cafe to see what man’s furry friends make of cutting-edge gizmos designed to keep them amused. Featuring PETKIT Cosy Pet Bed , Petcube Bites 2 ,And The winner by Jon The SlowTon Remote Cat Toy. The Jon Test next where Jon Bentley joins forces with Great British Bake Off semi-finalist Selasi Gbormittah to put three smart ovens through their paces.With The AEG BSE774320M Oven there outright favorite. And then a firm favorite segment of Un-Boxing  of the Sony Xperia 1II that has a bit of a high price tag but an amazing camera. Jon then follows it on after the break with the segment THE TECH YEARS: with 1971 being a year that introduced UK decimalization ,Rally Chopper Bike , Kodak Instamatic , The Canon F1 Camera , e-mail was invented along with The floppy disk. Also 1971 brought us the p4004 Intel micro processor ,The expensive Handy calculator and The Sony TC6OA cassett recorder with earphone socket , and who can forget the Tank Top. Next the Last Chance to enter Competition 1 . Next up Erica Jordon Webber give us the rundown on the latest gaming Tech inc Evercade , Nintendo Switch , Call of Duty: Mobile , and Slay The Spire . Finaly Ortis Deley delves into the world of 8KTV, bagging an exclusive behind-the-scenes invite to BT Sport’s 8K preparations, before checking in with one of its hosts, Gary Lineker, to see what he makes of the new tech.  

Episode 5 (10/07/20) 

First The G Team jumps in at the deep end with three gadgets aimed at helping an aspiring swimmer take vital seconds off a lap time.1 Speedo Fastskin KickFin 2. FINIS Swim Coach Communicator and the winner from Georgy FORM Smart Swim Goggles Jon Bentley gets his hands on three of the latest soundbars,1. Sony HT-X8500 2. LG SL10YG 3. the best VIZIO 36in 5.1.2 Soundbar System  with promises to bring high-end cinematic audio to any self-respecting living room. Craig then reviews The Sonos Arc as another good contender. Next to a segment called FUND OF FAIL asking for mony for a device called A Draft Top and a website for dogs called Dog Easy. Ortis then continues with THE TECH YEARS from 1982, including Knight Rider,The Young Ones,Fame,Commodore 64,Sound Burger,Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard , E.T.The Extra-Terrestrial Plus, Craig Charles tries to set up a wireless security system.in HOW HARD CAN IT BE with a successful install of  The Arlo Ultra Smart Home 4 Camera Kit ,Next up a New COMPETITION followed by Harry Wallop with ways to make money Renting out your Tech on Fatllama.com Georgie Barrat heads into the rugged mountains of north Wales to take a ride on the world’s longest zip line, while testing out a robust new drone The PowerEgg X Wizard ready to take to the skies – even in the wind and rain.  

Episode 6 (17/07/20) 

To start with THE G TEAM help out some budding fashion tech inc Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard but the outright winner goes to Georgie with The Tovi Sorga Payment Bracelet Next up THE NEWS with Signing Gadgets, VR Temperature Change and a Sloth Solar Powered Robot. Then Jon Bentley goes on a seaside break with an inexpensive DSLR camera ( Canon EOS 2000D DSLR ) in THE JON TEST segment. To see if it can capture the essence of a great British holiday. Next up is a UNBOXING segment where Craig Charles learns to play the piano with help from The 
Roland Go Piano. They all have a go and the end result is not good on the ears, but a very good piano to start with. THE TECH YEARS is 2004 with Georgie and the tech from that year, Inc NASA Rovas on Mars, The first Gadget Show episode, Plasma TV’s and The Sony PSP, MySpace, FaceBook, and Skype also started up in 2004 and the phone to have was The Motorola Razr . Next its The Gadget Show Competition and Jordan Erica Webber dives into the world of gaming with This War of Mine , Beyond Blue , Dr Kawashima’s Brain Train (Nintendo DS) and EndeavorRX . Finally Ortis Deley goes behind-the-scenes at a leading e-sports team’s training camp to find out how these new stars of the gaming world prepare for a major event. using Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox One), and a Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game, to test there reactions against an unsuccessfully shocked Ortis.

Episode 7 (24/07/20) 

Olympic Special

At the moment the 2020 Olympic Games were supposed to be starting in Tokyo, the presenters limber up to see if tech can put them on a par with elite athletes from four different events. First off at the starting gate Craig Charles teams up with the fastest drone pilots in the country to try to outpace a group of medal-winning sprinters in a 4×100 metre relay using a Drone from the DJI Phantom Series  Then its Jon’s turn up against an Olympic climber. Using an array of teck to help him out , inc Powerball Autostart Pro Fusion , Metolius Project Fingerboard , NOHrD Eau-Me Board , Blitz Punisher Leg Stretcher Machine , Maxi Climber , Teeter FitSpine X1 Inversion Table . With his best bet on an Oculus Rift S ans a Lenovo Legion Y740 to virtually climb against her , that almost ended with him winning but failed at the last climb . Next it’s Georgy’s tuirn up against an olyopic rower using a Nordic Track RW900 Rowing machine to train. Once on the lake she uses a powered water suite to push her along and wins just by a nose .Ortis Deley heads to the home of the next generation of British sport, Loughborough University, to take on a female weightlifter with the help of robotics. Then another chance to enter the Famous COMPETITION

Episode 8 (31/07/20) 

To start with Jon  and Ortis try to help out a cleaning company in THE G TEAM; with a H2o e3 Natural Cleaning System, and the Winner being a karcher window vac. Georgie then adds a Gtech SW02 Power Sweeper to the list of floor cleaners. Next up Jon Bentley takes three battery-powered lawnmowers Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0, Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless 40cm Lawmwower, and there Winner out of the 3 was Bosch UniversalRotak 36-550 Out for a round of golf on a Ryder Cup course to find out which one is top of the leaderboard. Then its FUND OR FAIL ?with Blox Vox (fail), Plastic Bottle rope maker (fund), Cattails Game (fund) Ortis Deley casts his eye back to 1977 to unveil the gadgets that helped pave the way in THE TECH YEARS for the subsequent tech revolution. inc Commedor Pet ,The Trs-80 Home computer ,VHS v Betamax video cassette players ,Atari VCs Console ,Packman, The Queens Silver Jubilee ,Polaroid 1 Step Camera Meanwhile, Craig Charles is tasked with kitting out his smart home with a multi-room music system using the Sonos One and the Sonos One SL with an easy set up .Plus, Harry Wallop has more money-saving tips using the Snoop App Then its the Last Chance to enter COMPETITION 2 Finally Georgie Barrat heads to the States to take a ride in the world’s most advanced autonomous car allowed on public roads.

Episode 9 (07/08/20) 

To start with Jon and Ortis Deley in the G Team, come to the aid of a family whose members want to shave money off their energy bill using tech try to help out using Hydrao Alo Showerhead Chrome and the Winner Tado Smart Thermostst Starter Kit , Georgie adds a Vektra 4 Electric Kettle to the list with Craig declaring it the outright Winner. Then in The Jon Test he’s reminiscing what life was like as a young parent whilst testing three innovative prams with vlogger Lucy Jessica Carter.With The  Red Kite Push Me Fusion Platinum , Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 i and there winner the Mama’s & Papas Ocarro Cloud Z. Then its The NEWS with Ortis presenting an odd robot . UNBOXING Then continues with all 4 of them testing out The Duolink Speaker Buds .Jon Bentley looks back at the cutting-edge gadgets of 1989, with Sega Megdrive , Nintendo GameboySim City and the not so successful Power Glove . Erica Jordon Webber with GAMES OF THE WEEK: Talking about VR inc Nintendo Labo VR Kit, Playstation VR Starter Pack , Beat Saber Game , Oculus Quest , Spaceteam VR and the HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite . Next its the New COMPETITION 2 With a chance to not only win a massive wad of prizes but 5 runners up get the chance to enter a Bonus Competition to win a Home cinema Bundle .Finally Georgie Barrat visits a farm that employs state-of-the-art technology to investigate the future of food production.