Whats On Each Show ( Series 32 )


SERIES 32 (from - September 2020 - )

Episode 1 (23/09/20) 

New series. Starting off with the new series 32 and so soon after series 31 just finished a few weeks ago. Still no sofa but the team are social distancing . Strating of as always is THE G-TEAM Helping out a pro tennis coach and her top player to improve there game Starting with Ortis and Top Spin Pro then Georgy with Zepp Tennis 2 and finally the winner Jon with the SpinShot Plus 2 Then onto THE JON TEST where he tests out 3 Air conditioner Fans in a special built indoor home inc; Meaco 1056 Air Circulator , Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool , and the best of the 3 EcoAir Gelo 9000 . Followed on by THE NEWS where Georgy introduces The Circle Guitar and Ortis talked about  a 3D shape saving stimulus. Next is time for an UNBOXING SPECIAL with LG Wing with only 3 to view in the country at the moment , Craig already wants one on his Christmas list. Next for series 32 is THE TECH YEARS from 1975 inc Jaws , Bohemian Rhapsody , Bar Code , Altair 8800 Computer , karaoke Machine , and Atri Pong , THen its the first chance to enter THE NEW COMPETITION  followed by another visit from money saving Harry Wallop on how to save money with your car insurance using bymiles.co.uk . Finally Jon is chosen to visit The EFA Event in Berlin with some new up and coming tech from new developers and old. Then at the end of the show is another chance to enter COMP 1 with loads of gadgets on offer . 

Episode 2 (02/10/20) 

To start off episode 2 with another G-TEAM: assignment helping out a stay at home worker with 3 different forms of tech inc Time Flip 2 , KRISP app and the Winner  MobilePixels TRIO Max . Next THE JON TEST: where Jon Bentley compares three budget-friendly coffee machines against a model worth over £15,000 with Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S Plus by Krup , Beko CEG5311X Bean To Cup and the outright winner the De’Longhi ICM15210 . Then Craig hits it off with the popular FUND OR FAIL segment with The Bio Visor getting a FUND ,The Arebo Dryer auto dryer  ( a small part of Back to the Future 2 there ? ) also receiving a FUND . and Fish on Wheels .That unsurprisingly revived a FAIL. Craig Charles arms his house with a techy smart lock The Ultion Smart . Next up is THE TECH YEARS from 1997 with Tamagotchi , The introduction of DVD PLayers  over the VHS , The start of Channel 5 , and Spice World. Then Craig phones of one of the COMPETITION WINNERS followed by the new Competition to win over £30,000 worth of tech . Next up is Erica Jordon Webber with 25 years of PlayStation and a rundown of its history inc; Sony Playstation , PS2 Console , PlayStation 3 , PS4 , PSP , PS VITA , and the New PS5. Finally Ortis Deley visits Bedfordshire and gains behind-the-scenes access to a company that makes drones for the British military. After taking a couple of the devices for a spin,inc The Cobra Air Combat Drone , then a quick run through of THE COMPETITION again Good Luck 

Episode 3 (09/10/20) 

To start off the 3rd episode with the familiar  G-TEAM: assignment helping out a pub landlord Mat at The Old Crown Pub in Birmingham. starting off with Ortis and a AtGames Legends Ulimate Arcade then Georgy with her seatd app that he voted the Winner and Jon with a Smart Spirits Dispenser . Next is THE JON TEST: looking at 3 printers with comedian Jo Enright . with all 3 having there good and bad points inc; Cannon Pixma MG3650S , Epsom EcoTank , and the Brother HL . This is then followed by an empty seat by Craig in THE NEWS where Ortis talked about a robot controlled anywhere in the world by VR , Georgy likes the E-Unicycle V-11E and Jon loves the look of a Cross water Horizontal Elevator. Then theres a bout of a favorate segment of UNBOXING where Georgy reveled the amazing Fitbit Sense that takes loads of measurements from your body and helps you in this timer of Covid . Then Ortis leves us guessing the year in THE TECH YEARS with the first Matchbox CarRock Around the Clock was in the charts and the Microwave was available Sharp Microwave . The Wireless Radio became a household bit of tech ( if you could afford it ) and ITV First Broadcast came on air. All in the year 1955 . Then its COMPETITION TIME and the chance to win over £30,000 worth of top tech . Harry Wallop with the help of a returning Craig looks into how to save money with online digital banking app Starling.  Finally Georgy impressed everyone with her driving skills on a new Formula-E Go-Cart.  Then another chance to enter the COMPETITION Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 4 (16/10/20) 

To start off the 4th episode without Craig as he’s self isolating with the familiar  G-TEAM: assignment with chef Alex Claridge’s at the Wilderness  with the Stirr ,JML Halowave and the Winner the Veritable Connect. Next is THE JON TEST where he gets into the latest vlogging tech with YouTube star TechFlow testing out at an air musium (Not Cars) using Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1 , Sony Shooting Grip , Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig . Lume Cube Pannel Mini , Shure MV88+ , Magisto app didn’t work as well as expected then editing on Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO . . After that its back to the studio for with Ortis presenting  FUND OR FAIL ,with The Disco Dog Vest that had an amazing FUND , Then Model 1 Food Heater that had no backing at all and then the Lap Keep Laptop belt that was also a FUND .  Then is back to Craig with his segment HOW HARD CAN IT BE filmed earlier using the Brunt Blind Engine VER.2 voice operated blind. Next its time to guess the year in THE TECH YEARS with Georgy finding this year had the first Sesame Street , ITV , BBC in broudcast in Colour , The MOON Landing , Concorde Maiden Flight to Fairford , The 6th 007 movie hit the cinema with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, DHL delivery started and Seiko introduced the Seiko Watch (Astron) that Georgy wanted to take with her. All this in the year guessed by Jon as 1969 . Next is the last chance to enter COMP 1 in THE COMPETITION , where Craig calls another unexpected winner. Its then time for Jordan Erica Webber who lands herself the ultimate flight simulator rig to give Microsoft’s latest edition of their flying game Microsoft Flight Simulator series a thorough shakedown using the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition joystick, with the ability to fly anywhere in the world .  Finally at the end part of the show Jon visits the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin introducing some more cool gadgets inc the Forna Video Glasses , Gentle Monster Glasses , Little Ones Smart Bottle , Smart peepee Nappies , The Feelbelt that vibrates as the user reacts in the game. The Cat Wheel, and The Bissle Spinwave Robot Vacuum and Mop and finally the Fresh Sea Air Maremed . Then another chance to enter the COMPETITION 1 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 5 (23/10/20) 

To start off the 5th episode again without Craig as he’s self isolating with the G-TEAM: assignment  to help out Mat , a drag Queen with tech to improve his looks with YouCam Makeup , Tefal IEXEO Power QT 2020 and his winner the MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit Next onto THE JON TEST: where he looks into the quality of 3 mattresses , inc Eve Sleep Thec Lighter Hybrid Mattress , Emma Original Mattress and his Winner the Silentnight Eco Comfort Pocket 1200 Mattress .Followed on my THE NEWS without Craig  where Ortis looks at some Ecto 1 VR Boots , Georgy finds the Scorpian IWSK Gaming Chair and Jon looks at the Rolloe Clean Air Wheele .Next is another Bout ( as Craig would say ) of Unboxing the Hachi Infinite M1. Next the team once again have to guess the Year in THE TECH YEARS inc , Skyfall , Felix Baumgartner ,  Smart Watch , Apple iPad 3 , Microsoft Surface , Google Glass , The Relece of The Sony PS Vita and Raspberry Pi . With all getting the correct year of 2012 . Then its The Famous COMPETITION with the chance to enter into COMP 2 to  WIN SOME  AWESOME TECH WITH OUR MAMMOTH GADGET BUNDLE .Next HARRY WALLOP: helps to save money with an app called ( Do Not Pay ) that automatically cancels your free trials online like Neflix , Amazon Prime , Britbox and Disney+. Finally Ortis sets out to make an action movie with help from a team who create movie clips with camera tech. Then another chance to enter the NEW ,COMPETITION 2 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 6 (30/10/20) 


To start of this AI special with Craig back where he belongs in his chair. With a strange start where all the gang have changed the faces with each other using a tool called Reface AI. When all faces are changed back and Craig’s was better before they all move onto the next segment where Ortis visits a company called Abby Road Red where he looks int AI related tech that can help you create music. Inc an app called HumTap and a mic called Dubler and AVA Music Maker all helping Ortis out with his limited musical talents.Next its back to the normal routine of THE JON TEST: where Jon brings on the help of Paul from The Chase to battle him against AI In a quiz. Using Alexa , Siri and there far out winner for this test Google Assistant. Back into the studio Craig tests out 3 different AI apps on the team . Inc cartoonify , how-old.net and Google Lens all with a very different outcome. Next Ortis explains how we use AI in our lives lots more than we think and then ( using AI to introduce it ) Is the 2nd chance to enter the amazing Competition 2 with the chance to win a MAMMOTH TECH BUNDLE. Then Craig is testing out AI Speach on a phone conversation from google duplex . Finally Georgy Visits a online shopping warehouse with its amazing online shopping picker robots. And as always ending with the chance to enter the COMPETITION. Then another chance to enter the NEW ,COMPETITION 2 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 7 (06/11/20) 

To Start of Episode 7 of Series 32 THE G TEAM; help out a couple who own an AirBandB with tech to give them a boost over this difficult time. Ortis starts with a DRU Virtuo 80/3 followed by Jon with a cool Picture Frame.TV Smart Mirror. But George comes up with the winner with a Lay-Z-Spa Barbados AirJet. Next after a chat in the studio is THE JON TEST; Where he tests out the Huawei P40 Pro against the Google Pixel 4a. Although the Huawei Is a very good phone , it’s main problem is it’s big shortage of apps.  Then it’s THE NEWS; Craig starts off with a remote fire robot called The Thermite 3000. Ortis then likes a new all electric Hummer. Georgie shows us a new fast charger that can charge your phone in an amazing 15min. And Jon looks into a camera called The Powershot Zoom. Next up is Craig with another go at HOW HARD CAN IT BE: showing how easy it was for him to set up The Minut Smart Home Alarm that he thought was a cool gadget rather than using a camera. Next Georgy introduces THE TECH YEARS; When the 2nd Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest was out. iTunes started And Gnarls Barkley – Crazy was downloaded. The iPod Nano 2 and PlayStation 2 both sold loads but the Nintendo DS was the best seller that year. The Nokia N95 was the phone everyone wanted and you could download YouTube and Twitter on it. Blue-Ray become more popular than DVD and everyone could now use Chip and Pin. So the year was guessed well by Jon as 2006. Next up it’s COMPETITION TIME. with another chance to win a massive tech bundle. ERICA JORDAN WEBBER; looks into gaming on the PC With The GForce RTX 3080 that brings the pc gamer some amazing looking games. Finally Ortis has a test run in a Porsche Taycan Turbo S all electric super car and races it against The Serpant RC car. With a good race but the RC car was slow on the corners so the Porsche is the Winner. Not forgetting the chance to enter the NEW ,COMPETITION 2 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 8 (13/11/20) 

To start off this episode 8 of The Gadget Show ( with some parts filmed before lock-down restrictions ) Craig introduces THE G TEAM; Today all 3 are out to help with easing the stress of home deliveries. With a app called ParcelTrack and The Arlo Audio Doorbell . And the chosen winner The iParcel Box so you can arrange your delivery to be left in this secure Amazon box that’s only accessible to you. Next is the time for THE JON TEST; Where he and a film maker Philip test out the latest steadicam technology, using a OnePlus 8 Pro on a DJI OM4 Steadicam. With some interesting results. Then it’s another bout of UNBOXING. Where Ortis opens the hugely awaited Xbox Series X , rather heavy in weight and price and the help of the gang test it out on Dirt 5. Then it’s a new segment where the gang have a set amount of money to purchase the most affordable gadget. First up is The HomePod Mini, then the very popular Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphones , and the Xbox Series S with no cd drive. Then it’s the time for THE TECH YEARS; Where Ortis gets us to guess the year when these gadgets came onto the market. Inc Packman Arcade Game , The Roland Tr-808 , The Sony Walkman , also the CD came out this year. The Sinclair ZX80 and The Commodore 64 both had to be the most popular home computers out of that year of 1980. Not to forget the famous GADGET SHOW COMPETITION with the last chance to enter this Comp 2 Competition. Finally Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley head to the coast and take to the waves on a hydrofoiling surfboard, which the manufacturers claim takes just 30 minutes to master. Don’t forget to enter THE COMPETITION 2 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 9 (20/11/20) 

Off we go with Series 32 , Episode 9 of The Gadget Show with some content filmed before the lockdown and all the gang in the studio. First it’s THE G TEAM; Helping out a driving instructor Sean with some driving tech. With Jon and The City Car Driving Simulator, Georgy with Driving Test Theory 4 in 1 kit and The Winner Ortis with a Garmin Dash Cam Tandem. Next up is THE JON TEST: but with a difference as Harry wallop helps out with a segment about never using actual cash anymore. Using Apple Pay and Google Pay and an app called Yoyo. From a ring called The K Ring and even a quick pay shirt and a clever cup that can all pay for you. With Amazon 1 and stores with Just Walk Out Shopping. And even a chip under your skin. At the best there’s Amazon Alexa to order and pay online. Then it’s THE NEWS: Ortis has a Shower Power that powers a speaker with the water. Georgy has a Quel Training game and Jon a 5k VR headset. Next with the gang out of the way Craig Charles begins His segment with HOW HARD CAN IT BE: Finding it very easy to set up a Smarter iKettle. And even pair it with Alexa to turn it on. But he says that he prefers the actual proses of making a brew. Next a popular and retro segment , THE TECH YEARS; with Absolutely Fabulous on our screens. Whitney Houston with The Bodyguard CD and I will always Love You staying at the top of the charts. The Think Pad from IBM. And The Nintendo NES, all guessing correctly as 1992. Then it’s time to enter the new COMPETITION 3 and the chance to also win 5 runner up bundles. ERICA JORDAN WEBBER GAMING SEGMENT; Introduces The Xbox Series X on a LG 4k HDR tv. An amazing console but with no games for it currently out at the moment it’s an expensive upgrade. With the Xbox Series S download only console an affordable option. Then for the final segment ( and not where one of the gang go afar to as they said “Muck About” ) To a new slot called SAME SPECK BETTER PRICE: Where Jon and Ortis battle it out in Bristol to see who has the best Smartphone for the price. With ORTIS: and a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and JON: with a OnePluss 8T. Testing out amongst other tests with an app called Geekbench 5. The outcome was that the more expensive phone was the best but but the OnePluss was very good value for money. Then it’s the chance again to enter the COMPETITION 3 ,  Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 10 (27/11/20) 

Onto Episode 10 of Series 32 of The Gadget Show “ The Home of Great Tech “ . And with only 2 more episodes to go before xmas the team kick of with the usual G TEAM assessment. Helping out a couple so they can keep in touch with there loved ones JON, hits it off with a fun app called SpeedQuizzing, Georgy has a CuteCircuit Hug Shirt . But ORTIS, comes up with there Winner with VRChat. Then it’s THE JON TEST; And with the instant camera being around for over 71 years it time to give them a test. So at Alton Towers ( and not even a roller coaster to be seen ) they test out 3 cameras , The Kodak Smile Instant Print Digital Camera, The Polaroid OneStep+, And The Fujifilm instax mini 11. All with varying prices and some with a costly price per picture ,The Fujifilm instax mini 11 came out the chosen Winner. Next up a newly added segment called MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK; Where the gang are all given a separate budget to spend on tech. Jon has the cool Amazon Blink Mini. Georgy; The FitBit Versa 2 that was featured in a previous Unboxing, and Ortis; With The Raspberry-pie 400 that Craig make the Winner. Then it’s time for some UNBOXING: Ortis presents The DropLabs EP 01 Connectable Trainers. Not going down well in the studio but Craig eventually warms to the idea. Next it’s that time to guess the Year in THE TECH YEARS: With Jon at the helm this was the year where JFK became presendent, The M1 motorway opened up. The Kinks had a massive hit record. Also the Slush Puppie was invented along with Bubble Wrap. Also a scientific breakthrough came with the invention of The laser. And the Corby Trouser Press was on the wall of every hotel in this year. All the gang guessed close but no one got the year that was 1960. Next is the COMPETITION: with the chance to again enter and a chance to not only win a massive Tech Bundle but also 5 runner up Tech bundles added. Then it’s ones again the turn of Mr HARRY WALLOP:Still not in the studio but on a video call he sets out to save you money on tech with a site called gener8ads.com where by watching adds related to your taste you can then receive tokens online to pay for tech. Finally on another trip out George visits an amazing company who create VR for TV presentations called extended reality  , XR works where there standing on and in front of a screen that adds vertical images and even people so the presenters can interact with them. Then as the show wraps it’s the chance again to enter the COMPETITION 3 ,  Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 11 (04/12/20) 

It’s almost Christmas and the penultimate show 11 of 12 from Series 32 before the big day. Starting it off again in the socially distance studio With as always another G TEAM: assignment. Helping out a snowboarding expert in Tamworth called Josh where he works at a ski center. Starting off with Georgy and SnowFeet then Jon with his Powder VR game but the winner and about time is Ortis with his Stiga Snowracer GT. Then it’s time for THE JON TEST: Looking at micro projectors with James King ,they test 3 of them in a made up drive through cinema that at this present time are very popular .Testing out The Kodak Luma 150 , The Anker Nebula Apollo , And there chosen Winner The ViewSonic M1+ . Then it’s time for THE NEWS: where Georgy talks about a new smartphone called The Oppo X2021, Jon , A flying car called The Aircar V5 and Ortis looks at a Video calling app called Shout Out. Next with a bit of festive trimming is Craig and HOW HARD CAN IT BE: Where he sets up a TP-Link Smart WI-Fi Plug. They are easy even for him to install but he even manages to miss the moment where he gets his kettle to boil and switch on the tree lights. Then is COMPETITION Time. With another chance to enter this massive prize giveaway. Then it’s The Gaming Bit where ERICA JORDAN WEBBER: who had looked at the new Xbox last week now looks at its rival The PlayStation 5. Again an amazing console but Again only a few games to play on it inc Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PlayStation 5. Finally to the end of the show where Georgy visits a company using VR called Photogrammetry to Bring the real world to life. She visits a castle to make into a photo VR program. Then at the end they all then have a go in the studio with a HTC Vive and VR versions of themselves floating around. Then another chance as the credits roll, to enter The Competition COMPETITION 3 ,  Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes) Then a quick Trailer for next weeks massive CHRISTMAS SHOW.

Episode 12 (11/12/20) 


With the final episode of Series 32 comes the famous Gadget show Christmas special. With more gadgets than any other episode . ( hold tight , this is going to be a big list ) To fill you full of all the gadgets and tech for all your Christmas presents gift ideas. And to kick it off what a better start than Drink ideas with The Pinter. Then it’s some visual tech with Pivo Pod, Mpow Fisheye Lens , Facebook Portal TV, Amazon Echo Show 8 and the Singa app. Then the first part of The Top 5 with Stocking Fillers:5. USB Mix Tape, 4. Omar’s Power Bank , 3. Build your own Telescope Kit, 2. Roberts Pillow Talk Speaker, 1. Xiami Mi Band 5. Next up is THE JON TEST: but with a difference as all the gang have up to £500 to get a home cinema set up. Jon starts it off with the Toshiba 65inch TV UL2063DB and the chosen winner from Craig, Ortis likes the Phillips Ambillight 50PUS8105, and Georgy a cool tv that can be a frame with the Samsung Frame 32inch TV. Next Craig presents FUND OR FAIL: But with a Christmas twist as all are funded but for Xmas. 1,Everlast Notebook , Rocketbook, 2,SuperCalla Cable Organiser , 3,The NEGG Continue on next with a quick rundown of the top 5 £100 pounds Gifts: 5. Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit, 4. Wylere Hair Dreamwave , 3. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 , 2. Yoto Player , 1. Amazon Fire HD 8 . Then it’s the last bout of UNBOXING: for the year with ERICA JORDAN WEBBER: introducing a must big present The Nintendo Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. With all the gang having a go it’s a massive hit with them all , but if you want to play against others in the household it then becomes an expensive gift. Then we have part 2 of THE JON TEST; Where the gang have to add an Audio gift for under £200
Georgy likes the Roku Streambar, Ortis takes the winner spot with the slightly over budgeted Sony BDV-E4100 Home Cinema System , Jon has a One For All TV Audio Transmitter using some Urbanista Seattle Wireless Headphones. They all end before the break with a Christmas sing song. OK then it’s time for the COMPETITION: and an amazing chance to win this massive bundle of tech for Christmas. Go on. Have a go ! Then is the time for HARRY WALLOP: giving us the chance for free Christmas movies. Using rakuten TV, Netflix watch free and Amazon Prime. Finishing off with a gift of a Konesky Money Saving Jar present from Craig. Ok . Let’s keep it going with the top 5 ,£200 gift ideas. 5. Asus Chromebook C223, 4. Kindle Paperwhite, 3. Eufy RoboVac 11S, 2. Nintendo Switch Lite, 1. Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker. Then Finally , The highly awaited Gadget Show Awards 2020. With the first category 1. HOME TECH: Ultion Smart Lock, Sonos One, and the Winner The eero Mesh Wi-Fi System. Then it’s the next category 2. BUDGET SMARTPHONE. With the Google Pixel 4a, the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite the WINNER and the Motorola Moto G 5G Plus. Next it’s category 3. BEST CAMERA TECH: with the Sony A6100, DJI OM4, and the GoPro Hero 9 Black the Winner. Then onto category 4. LEISURE TECH: with the Livall BH51M Neo, Fitbit Sence the best and the Winner and the Xiaomi Mi Electric Pro Scooter 2. Finally onto the last category 5. ULTIMATE GADGET: and the Microsoft Surface Studio 2, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G being the Winner And the Sony Bravia ZH8 ends this awards style ceremony. Then as the credits roll for the last time this year and for Series 32 it’s another chance to enter The Competition COMPETITION 3 ,  Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

SO with Craig’s announcement that they will return back in early Feb 2021 with Series 33. We just have time to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and to see the back of 2020 with a lot better NEW YEAR of 2021.

Stay Safe and Thanks from all at Gadget Show Prizes