Whats On Each Show ( Series 32 )


Episode 1 (23/09/20) 

New series. Starting off with the new series 32 and so soon after series 31 just finished a few weeks ago. Still no sofa but the team are social distancing . Strating of as always is THE G-TEAM Helping out a pro tennis coach and her top player to improve there game Starting with Ortis and Top Spin Pro then Georgy with Zepp Tennis 2 and finally the winner Jon with the SpinShot Plus 2 Then onto THE JON TEST where he tests out 3 Air conditioner Fans in a special built indoor home inc; Meaco 1056 Air Circulator , Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool , and the best of the 3 EcoAir Gelo 9000 . Followed on by THE NEWS where Georgy introduces The Circle Guitar and Ortis talked about  a 3D shape saving stimulus. Next is time for an UNBOXING SPECIAL with LG Wing with only 3 to view in the country at the moment , Craig already wants one on his Christmas list. Next for series 32 is THE TECH YEARS from 1975 inc Jaws , Bohemian Rhapsody , Bar Code , Altair 8800 Computer , karaoke Machine , and Atri Pong , THen its the first chance to enter THE NEW COMPETITION  followed by another visit from money saving Harry Wallop on how to save money with your car insurance using bymiles.co.uk . Finally Jon is chosen to visit The EFA Event in Berlin with some new up and coming tech from new developers and old. Then at the end of the show is another chance to enter COMP 1 with loads of gadgets on offer . 

Episode 2 (02/10/20) 

To start off episode 2 with another G-TEAM: assignment helping out a stay at home worker with 3 different forms of tech inc Time Flip 2 , KRISP app and the Winner  MobilePixels TRIO Max . Next THE JON TEST: where Jon Bentley compares three budget-friendly coffee machines against a model worth over £15,000 with Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio S Plus by Krup , Beko CEG5311X Bean To Cup and the outright winner the De’Longhi ICM15210 . Then Craig hits it off with the popular FUND OR FAIL segment with The Bio Visor getting a FUND ,The Arebo Dryer auto dryer  ( a small part of Back to the Future 2 there ? ) also receiving a FUND . and Fish on Wheels .That unsurprisingly revived a FAIL. Craig Charles arms his house with a techy smart lock The Ultion Smart . Next up is THE TECH YEARS from 1997 with Tamagotchi , The introduction of DVD PLayers  over the VHS , The start of Channel 5 , and Spice World. Then Craig phones of one of the COMPETITION WINNERS followed by the new Competition to win over £30,000 worth of tech . Next up is Erica Jordon Webber with 25 years of PlayStation and a rundown of its history inc; Sony Playstation , PS2 Console , PlayStation 3 , PS4 , PSP , PS VITA , and the New PS5. Finally Ortis Deley visits Bedfordshire and gains behind-the-scenes access to a company that makes drones for the British military. After taking a couple of the devices for a spin,inc The Cobra Air Combat Drone , then a quick run through of THE COMPETITION again Good Luck 

Episode 3 (09/10/20) 

To start off the 3rd episode with the familiar  G-TEAM: assignment helping out a pub landlord Mat at The Old Crown Pub in Birmingham. starting off with Ortis and a AtGames Legends Ulimate Arcade then Georgy with her seatd app that he voted the Winner and Jon with a Smart Spirits Dispenser . Next is THE JON TEST: looking at 3 printers with comedian Jo Enright . with all 3 having there good and bad points inc; Cannon Pixma MG3650S , Epsom EcoTank , and the Brother HL . This is then followed by an empty seat by Craig in THE NEWS where Ortis talked about a robot controlled anywhere in the world by VR , Georgy likes the E-Unicycle V-11E and Jon loves the look of a Cross water Horizontal Elevator. Then theres a bout of a favorate segment of UNBOXING where Georgy reveled the amazing Fitbit Sense that takes loads of measurements from your body and helps you in this timer of Covid . Then Ortis leves us guessing the year in THE TECH YEARS with the first Matchbox CarRock Around the Clock was in the charts and the Microwave was available Sharp Microwave . The Wireless Radio became a household bit of tech ( if you could afford it ) and ITV First Broadcast came on air. All in the year 1955 . Then its COMPETITION TIME and the chance to win over £30,000 worth of top tech . Harry Wallop with the help of a returning Craig looks into how to save money with online digital banking app Starling.  Finally Georgy impressed everyone with her driving skills on a new Formula-E Go-Cart.  Then another chance to enter the COMPETITION Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)

Episode 4 (16/10/20) 

To start off the 4th episode without Craig as he’s self isolating with the familiar  G-TEAM: assignment with chef Alex Claridge’s at the Wilderness  with the Stirr ,JML Halowave and the Winner the Veritable Connect. Next is THE JON TEST where he gets into the latest vlogging tech with YouTube star TechFlow testing out at an air musium (Not Cars) using Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1 , Sony Shooting Grip , Joby GorillaPod Mobile Rig . Lume Cube Pannel Mini , Shure MV88+ , Magisto app didn’t work as well as expected then editing on Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO . . After that its back to the studio for with Ortis presenting  FUND OR FAIL ,with The Disco Dog Vest that had an amazing FUND , Then Model 1 Food Heater that had no backing at all and then the Lap Keep Laptop belt that was also a FUND .  Then is back to Craig with his segment HOW HARD CAN IT BE filmed earlier using the Brunt Blind Engine VER.2 voice operated blind. Next its time to guess the year in THE TECH YEARS with Georgy finding this year had the first Sesame Street , ITV , BBC in broudcast in Colour , The MOON Landing , Concorde Maiden Flight to Fairford , The 6th 007 movie hit the cinema with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, DHL delivery started and Seiko introduced the Seiko Watch (Astron) that Georgy wanted to take with her. All this in the year guessed by Jon as 1969 . Next is the last chance to enter COMP 1 in THE COMPETITION , where Craig calls another unexpected winner. Its then time for Jordan Erica Webber who lands herself the ultimate flight simulator rig to give Microsoft’s latest edition of their flying game Microsoft Flight Simulator series a thorough shakedown using the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition joystick, with the ability to fly anywhere in the world .  Finally at the end part of the show Jon visits the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin introducing some more cool gadgets inc the Forna Video Glasses , Gentle Monster Glasses , Little Ones Smart Bottle , Smart peepee Nappies , The Feelbelt that vibrates as the user reacts in the game. The Cat Wheel, and The Bissle Spinwave Robot Vacuum and Mop and finally the Fresh Sea Air Maremed . Then another chance to enter the COMPETITION 1 Text GADGET to 6 55 55 (GOOD LUCK from gadgetshowprizes)